Diamond Cottage Designs is a partnership of two people - Jane and Deb.  Diamond Cottage Designs.ca went online on November 30th, 2007.  To find out more about the owners, please feel free to read their bio below.


Jane - Hi!  I live in Cambridge, Ontario Canada which is one hour west of Toronto.  We have 5 children (all out of the house!), eight grandchildren and three, yes THREE great-granddaughters.  Deb and I have been friends for thirty years.  My husband Mike and I breed Shih Tzu's as a hobby so you might say that we traded our kids for dogs!  My love of sewing has been all my life, since I was about nine or ten and cutting out doll clothes with no patterns and sewing them by hand.  My passion for embroidery started about six years ago with a Brother PE 100 and today I also have a Pfaff 5770 and a Brother Innov'is 4000D which I totally love.

I knew Deb was interested in embroidery and once she purchased her machine, there was no holding her back.  So I approached her about forming a partnership and starting an embroidery business.  Deb said yes, and we began to brainstorm.  We put our heads together, saw what we liked and what we didn't like, came up with a plan and - voila!  Diamond Cottage Designs became a reality!

I am the keeper of the Yahoo! Group (that way I can still stitch out the designs that I love.  Ha!  Ha!) You guessed it, I am the one that stays at home!

Our commitment to you is great designs at affordable prices.  Please come, spend some time, enjoy yourself, look around, and feel free to email us any time with any questions and we will respond.

Deb - Welcome to Diamond Cottage Designs!  My family and I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  The picture here is of my husband, daughter-in-law, grandson, son and myself at my son's wedding in December, 2007.  We have three mentally challenged adult women who live with us and whom we care for on a daily basis.  I work full time and saved hard for my first embroidery machine - a Brother Innov'is 4000D - which I enjoy alot when I get time to use it!

I am a bit of a computer geek in that I am totally curious about all things computerized so after obtaining my embroidery machine digitizing was the next step!

Jane and I have been friends for a very long time and met while leading a Ontario South Division Salvation Army Girl Guide Camp.   She is actually the one who introduced me to machine embroidery and when she came up with the idea of working together on the website, I thought it was a great idea!

So here we are!  I hope that you enjoy this experience as much as we do!