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Each month we offer a free design which can be found on our "Freebies" page and every season, we also offer a design hunt.  You will find the clues to this months design hunt on the Freebies page as well.  The picture on the right is part of the Family Sampler collection which was designed by us to celebrate Mothers' Day and Father's Day.  This week you will find 8 designs in the search and 8 more will be added each week between now and Father's Day.  We hope you enjoy these unique designs.

We are making an effort to present you with our entire spectrum of designs as soon as possible. Each week we put our new designs on the website and offer them for sale at $5 or less per set for one week.  After the introductory week, they revert to their regular price. At present, our web site is still under construction.

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Glenn Harris has invited several Embroidery Digitizers to create an alphabet design for you to try with their compliments.  The contributions from Diamond Cottage Designs can be found below. 

The Fish Alphabet fits the 4x4 hoop.  Other designs in this alphabet are currently available at  The Diamond Cottage Designs contribution  - D is for Dolphin - can be obtained by clicking on the design to the right.

In the Bird Alphabet each design will fit a 5x7 hoop.  Just click on the picture of the Letter  below and you will be able to download the designs.  Other designs in this set can be found at

                 Z is for Zebra Finch                Q is for Queztral

Previous to the Bird Alphabet a Floral Alphabet was organized by Glenn.  This alphabet is no longer available on Glenn's website, BUT when you visit other websites in the Bird Alphabet, keep your eyes out for the contributions of the Floral Alphabet and you may be surprised!  Meanwhile, please feel free to download and enjoy the two designs below which were the contributions of Diamond Cottage Designs.

             J is for Jasmine          X is for Xerophyllum